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Evaluating Different Mobile Web Navigation Styles

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Title: Evaluating Different Mobile Web Navigation Styles
Author: Kohli, Jyotjeev Singh
Abstract: Web browsing is suffering from the problem of not showing information effectively and efficiently on a small screen. The main aim of this paper is to come up with a solution that will help to minimize this issue. We have compared three different styles and have conducted user study to come to a conclusion and analyze which style is better and solved the current issues. The first style that we have introduced is progressive browsing, it is designed with a perspective of what users want to see; the second style is list view, and is the most popular design; the third style is thumbnail, which incorporated the use of images and links. The results of the user study revealed that progressive browsing was least rated as compared to the other styles. There were many contributing factors that lead to this conclusion and the details are documented in this research paper.
Date: -
Subject: Web browsing.
User interfaces (Computer systems) -- Design.
Mobile computing.
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/23039

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