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Simulation of Forward Air Controller Missions with Pop-Up Targets

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Sandeep_Simulation of Forward Air Controller Missions with Pop-Up Targets.pdf
Title: Simulation of Forward Air Controller Missions with Pop-Up Targets
Author: Sikharam, Sandeep
Abstract: Orion is a Java-based framework that is used to develop different battlefield scenarios that involve unmanned air vehicles. There are currently four missions in the Orion framework. They are the track, sweep, patrol, and forward air controller missions. We focus primarily on the forward air controller (FAC) mission in this paper. The goal of this paper is to add new agents to the FAC mission and to extend its functionality. New elements that will be added to the FAC mission are sensor stations and pop-up targets. The sensor stations have the ability to detect targets or enemies that fall within the sensing area and to recruit an unmanned air vehicle to destroy the detected targets. Pop-up targets are static targets that are not visible and are, therefore, undetectable by unmanned air vehicles and sensors at the start of the mission, and the targets pop-in to the search area at a later time.
Date: -
Subject: Drone aircraft -- Control systems -- Computer simulation.
Target acquisition -- Computer simulation.
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/23044

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