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Image Correction using Reed Muller Code

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Title: Image Correction using Reed Muller Code
Author: Ginjupalli, Siva Krishna
Abstract: Image signal processing is one of the important aspects while communicating from long distances. Background noise of images is one of the primary concerns in obtaining clear accurate images. This problem is further amplified if the spacecraft transmitting images are farther away from the earth’s orbit. The larger the distance of the transmitter from the earth the greater is the problem of background noise. In order to overcome this problem, the image information obtained is reconstructed using error-correcting codes. In my paper I have used the Hadamard matrices to generate a 32x32 matrix consisting of binary digits with each row representing a number between 0-31, the first row represents the number 0 and the 32nd row represents the number 31. The results proved that the error correction approach employed in this paper is very accurate when the number of errors in each row is less than 8.
Date: -
Subject: Master of Science / Computer Science, College of Science and Mathematics, 2013.
Signal processing.
Image processing.
Error-correcting codes (Information theory)
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/23049

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