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Evaluation of Firefly Algorithm Using Benchmark Functions

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Title: Evaluation of Firefly Algorithm Using Benchmark Functions
Author: Kundur, Anuroop
Abstract: The field of nature inspired computing and optimization techniques have evolved to solve the difficult optimization problems in diverse fields of engineering, science and technology. The Firefly algorithm is one of the several nature inspired algorithms that have been developed in the recent past and is inspired from the flashing behavior of the fireflies. The flashing behavior of the fireflies is to attract other fireflies in the group for mating. The less bright firefly will be attracted by the brighter one. As all the fireflies are assumed to be unisexual, each firefly is attracted to the other. This process is mimicked in the algorithm to find the solution to objective function. In this paper, we evaluate the algorithm using few multi-dimensional benchmark functions. The results of the simulation are satisfactory showing the algorithm to have good performance abilities.
Date: -
Subject: Heuristic algorithms -- Evaluation.
Mathematical optimization.
Swarm intelligence.
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/23076

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