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Eightfold Architecture

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Title: Eightfold Architecture
Author: Meiers, Karissa
Abstract: This thesis investigates the question of how Eightfold Architecture can help inspire us to save existing abandoned buildings, and with this bring an enlightened functionality to transitional areas of our cities. The concept of Eightfold Architecture, rather then architectural renovation, has been chosen to guide this research and design so to keep the importance of a cyclical nature in mind and to emphasize the reality of ethics in this way of designing. The current downtown campus has been very successful. With moving part of the NDSU campus downtown a spark of new life was created in the existing downtown. Unfortunately, the downtown campus is missing a student gathering facility. For the application of this project I will look into how re-birthing the vacant Christian Science building, along with an addition across the street, for the use of a student union will help to continue and to expand on the breath of new life that the downtown Fargo area has. Since this project is re-birthing an existing vacant building it is my motivation to really dive into the history of the context, site, and existing building to extend it’s consciousness, through Eightfold Architecture, to create a successful development of an existing building, a new building, and an urban environment. Key Words: Eightfold Architecture, Reality, Breath of New Life, Cyclical, History, Extended Consciousness, Urban Environment, Re-birth.
Date: -
Subject: ARCH 771 - Advanced Architectural Design
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/23109

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