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Petri Net Model for Smart Grid System

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Title: Petri Net Model for Smart Grid System
Author: Pandey, Anand Swaroop
Abstract: The concept of a smart grid is to provide self-healing, reliable, economic, and environment friendly energy-saving, sustainable electricity services to the users including the freedom to choose and set priorities according to the requirement and budget. This paper proposes a Petri Net model which can be used for such smart-grid systems. It provides the concept of an alternate power supply in the situation of a blackout due to any possible reasons, maintaining the reliability and healing nature of the smart grid. The model is developed with the help of the Renew 2.4 tool. Java functions are used to control the power supply’s in the smart grid system. Further experiments are done on the dynamic power supply to the consumers per their requirement with different time range which provides the consumer need versus power supply analysis to maintain the balance of power generation and transmission in the system.
Date: -
Subject: Smart power grids.
Electric power distribution.
Electric power production.
Java (Computer program language)
Petri nets.
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/23152

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