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Project Quality Tool: A Tool for Project Success

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Title: Project Quality Tool: A Tool for Project Success
Author: Srichinta, Pallavi
Abstract: This paper proposes a solution to the current changing requirements communication problem in an offshore on-site software development model. The proposed model is a web-based tool where the user in a project team can enter the new Requirements, map them to Design, create Test Cases from design, Execute them, and track failed ones by creating Defects. When the requirements change the existing tools available in the market, the changes are not communicated to the entire project team; leaving the Quality Assurance team verifying old (incomplete) requirements which ultimately costs more time, money and delays the project delivery. In this paper, a prototype tool intended to automatically handle the above-mentioned communication problems whenever requirements are changed after the design is in place. The prototype manages the gap between on-site and offshore teams and adds value to the project development by saving time, money, and improving the quality of the final product.
Date: -
Subject: Computer software -- Development.
Computer software -- Testing.
Computer software -- Quality control.
Project management.
Offshore outsourcing.
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/23155

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