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Further Gleamings from the Director's Annual Report

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Title: Further Gleamings from the Director's Annual Report
Author: N/A
Description: Information obtained from the annual report of the experiment station. Answers questions on topics such as: dairy heifers and winter housing, free selected feeds and turkeys, niicotinic acid ratio and pig feed, winter feeding of calves and pasturing, canned vegetables and fruit and Vitamin C, riboflavin and North Dakota grown vegetables, niacin and North Dakota grown beans and corn, storing flaxeed and damage control, composition of linseed oil from flaxseed, chemical composition of linseed meal, effect of storage on Vitamin C in North Dakota crops, loose filled insulation and farm buildings, cresote and used crank oil to treat straw, bacteria control through water-sterilizing chemicals vs. distilled water, hardiness apricots grown in Fargo ND.
Date: 1944
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/23390

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