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Accidents in Sheep Worming

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Title: Accidents in Sheep Worming
Author: Eveleth, D. F.; Goldsby, Alice I.
Description: Individual treatment for the parasites of sheep has been shown to be necessary, but improper medication leads annually to the killing of many sheep because of ignorance, carelessness or both. This paper gives information on the practice of using phenothiazine in to decrease the rate at which a parasite load is built up, to tell how formulations of worm medications were composed of anthelmintic substances, how to treat farm flock sheep individually, how to use the drench, how to use the Whitlock nozzle, how to use the short ball-end nozzle, listing causes of accidents, how to use boluses and pills and, finally, how to use gelatine capsules.
Date: 1949
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/23468

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