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Simple Identity Manager

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Title: Simple Identity Manager
Author: Kolluru, Sunil
Abstract: Identity management is a key area for any enterprise. Maintaining user profiles, including e-mail, passwords, and other personal information, and providing a way to manage them is ubiquitous for any company. Specifically, one could not rule out the necessity of basic operations, such as creating a user profile, modifying it, changing the password, finding/resetting a forgotten password, finding a forgotten userID, and enabling/disabling a user account. Identity management is observed on any website that needs credentials to login. Companies are investing millions of dollars in identity management products because, the corporations are aware that it is inevitable. This paper presents a Simple Identity Manager (SIM) that caters to the need for such system, that can simply be plugged into any web infrastructure and begin availing its services. SIM is Java based and, hence, is platform independent. It is designed to run on any J2EE server.
Date: -
Subject: Computer network protocols.
LDAP (Computer network protocol)
Computer networks -- Management.
Computer networks -- Security measures.
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/23648

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