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Kernel Blighting of Malting Barley Varieties

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Title: Kernel Blighting of Malting Barley Varieties
Author: Pepper, Evan H.
Description: The article is regarding blighted varieties of barley used for malting. Barley kernels commonly show melanistic discolorations caused by microflora. More than 265 fungal and bacterial species of microflora have been isolated from barley kernels. Barley kernels with a golden or straw-colored appearance are called "brighted," while uniformly dark-yellow or tan ones are termed "stained" or "weathered." A kernel with discrete dark brown spots or blotches is called "blighted." Blighted kernels are discounted heavily on the grain market. They may cause processing difficulties for the maltster and the brewer. Pathogenic fungi, such as Fusarium and Helminthosporium species, often are associated with the blight spots of infected kernels. The author covers a study to establish whether real differences exist among several common malting varieties in staining, blighting, and micro-floral content.
Date: 1967
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/23794

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