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Miss O'Keefe Manuscript

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Title: Miss O'Keefe Manuscript
Author: O'Keefe, Miss
Abstract: Miss O'Keefe is the author of a typed Manuscript, entitled “Pioneer History of North Dakota.” It contains material on Indians, including the Minnesota Massacre episode, Chief Gall, Jumping Bear, Sitting Bull, Indian agents and army campaigns. There is material on pioneer life, especially on women, including Fanny Kelly, Mrs. Charles Cavalier, Sarah Thal, Mrs. A.C. Wehe, Vera Bliss, Kate Rafferty and others. There's material on J.J. Hill, Moses Armstrong, Cyrus McCormick, Nick Huffman, J. Gillfillan, and Budge and Winship. Also covered are blizzards, relay stations, schools, high priced supplies, ox carts, railroads, bonanza farms, and statehood.
Date: -
Subject: Women
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/281

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