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Women's Literary Club of Carrington Records, 1897-1954

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Title: Women's Literary Club of Carrington Records, 1897-1954
Author: Women's Literary Club of Carrington
Abstract: The club was organized by a group of pioneer women in Carrington, N.D. as a study club with regular courses in literature and history. Its papers consist of correspondence, manuscripts and secretary books. The manuscripts contain several short family histories and anecdotes by Zerlina Eakin, Jemima Burnham, Nellie Cousins, Mrs. Ralph Hall, Marie Harmon, Mrs. H. Page and Mrs. Russell, with a 1915 article on the club, a short history of Foster County, and an article on the City Library and its beginnings.
Date: -
Subject: Women's Organizations
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/351

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