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Using Whey In Swine Growing Finishing Rations

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Title: Using Whey In Swine Growing Finishing Rations
Author: Nelson, James L.; Landblom, Douglas G.
Description: This article discusses three tests which featured the addition of a by product of cheese making, whey, as a feed for swine. These were requested by the North Dakota Dairy Products Commission, conducted at the Dickinson Experiment Station. Liquid sweet whey fed as the only source of water and supplemental protein to swine promoted satisfactory and economical gains in the growth and 'finishing' of swine fed to market weights. Pigs shifted to a liquid whey diet did not contract diarrhea problems. Dried sweet whey can replace up to 45% of the barley in growing rations. Pigs fed 15-45% whey rations required 9-11% less feed per pound of gain than did pigs feed control rations. The net returns at all levels of whey feeding were higher than the basic ration which contained no whey.
Date: 1980
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/4354

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