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Soil Compaction And Crop Response In A Potato Crop Rotation

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Title: Soil Compaction And Crop Response In A Potato Crop Rotation
Author: Sojka, R. E.; Arnold, F. B.
Description: The effects of soil compaction on certain soil properties and the growth of potatoes, sugarbeets, and wheat were observed in two years of a fallow-sugarbeet-potatowheat-wheat rotation. Compaction resulted in higher soil moisture and soil strength, with the effect still observable in the second year. Potato growth and yield were reduced in the compacted treatments significantly in the first year. Potato yields were reduced in the second year also, but not significantly for that year. Compaction affected wheat growth inconsistently though wheat yield and quality were reduced in the second year. Damage to the sugarbeets by 2,4-0 early in the season from adjacent production wheat fields confounded treatment effects both years, though interestingly 2,4-0 damage was generally less severe in compacted plots, possibly due to greater water availability in the compacted treatment. Bulk densities immediately below the zone of fall tillage (6-12 in.) remained elevated over winter in the compacted treatment.
Date: 1980
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/4355

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