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Supplemental Feeding Of Cows And Calves on Late Fall Pasture

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Title: Supplemental Feeding Of Cows And Calves on Late Fall Pasture
Author: Nelson, James L.; Landblom, Douglas G.
Description: tTof cows and calves on late fall pastures. Supplemental or 'creep' feeding is generally recommended for calves nursing that are grazing short or drought stricken pastures or where extra bloom is desired. the extra energy available from creep feeding results in additional gain because the average beef cow does not produce enough milk to promote maximum gains in calves once they reach around 150 pounds of body weight. A two phase experiment was designed to evaluate either creep feeding calves or supplementation of cows grazing on late Fall season pastures. Phase I was conducted to determine the effects of short term creep feeding on calf gain when compared to the supplemental feeding of cows instead of their calves. Phase II evluated the effect of either form of supplementation on late Fall season pasture with respect to reducing the stress on calves at weaning. The article goes into procedures, methods and results of these tests.
Date: 1980
Subject: Feeds
Livestock production
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/4380

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