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Diclofop (Hoelon) For Wild Oat And Green Foxtail Control

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Title: Diclofop (Hoelon) For Wild Oat And Green Foxtail Control
Author: Nalewaja, J. D.; Miller, S.D.
Description: Diclofop (Hoelon) is a new postemergence herbicide which selectively controls wild oat, green foxtail and certain other weedy grasses in barley and hard red spring and durum wheat. Weed control and crop tolerance have been good to excellent with diclofop at 12 to 16ozlA. Weedy grass control has been reduced with diclofop when mixed with certain herbicides for broadleaf weed control.
Date: 1980
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/4383

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