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Preparation and Taste Panel Acceptance of Sunflower Butter

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Title: Preparation and Taste Panel Acceptance of Sunflower Butter
Author: Unknown author
Description: Commercially prepared sunflower butter is presently not available in supermarkets but some natural food stores have supplies. This commercially prepared "natural" sunflower butter is similar to peanut butter in characteristics such as texture, spreadability, and nutritive value although it often has a greenish-gray color, and, since stabilizers are not added, it often separates. Perhaps this product would eventually become competitive with peanut butter, but consumers demand homogeneity and attractive color in their spreads. Also, with the publicity of the peanut crop shortage in 1980, alternatives to peanut butter are receiving much attention.
Date: 1981
Subject: Sunflower
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/4416

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