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Dal, Froker or Hudson Oats For Finishing Lambs

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Title: Dal, Froker or Hudson Oats For Finishing Lambs
Author: Light, M.; Dinusson, W.E.; Wehner, G. R.; Marchello, M.
Description: Rations based on Dal, Froker (high protein) or Hudson (average protein oat varieties or a corn-soybean oil meal control ration were fed to crossbred lambs to evaluate feedlot performance. The control ration promoted significantly greater (P< .05) average daily gain and greater feed efficiency than the oat rations, but there were no significant difference (P< .05) among the oat varieties. Resulting carcasses did not differ (P< .05) for 13 carcass parameters among the oat varieties. However, Dal oats fed lambs yielded carcasses significantly different (P< .05) in hot and cold carcass weights, shoulder widths and loin eye area than those fed the control ration. There were no differences for these parameters between the control or Froker and Hudson oats fed lambs.
Date: 1981
Subject: Oats
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/4419

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