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Employment Needs in Six North Dakota Agricultural Industries

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Title: Employment Needs in Six North Dakota Agricultural Industries
Author: Priebe, D. W.; Migler, J. R.; Rheault, K. W.
Description: North Dakota agribusiness firms employed several thousand workers in occupations of key importance to the state's economy. Information concerning the number of workers in these businesses and the types of occupations they they hold is needed for planning by educational agencies and businesses. This article includes data concerning six agricultural business sectors in North Dakota in 1981. These are: agricultural implement, grain, horticulture, dairy products, meats and veterinary service businesses or industries. The methods of the study are given. Data indicated that employment in the agricultural implement, grain handling and horticultural businesses grew marginally. These would be the areas where more specific training and/or experience would be needed or expected for many of these occupations.
Date: 1981
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/4426

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