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Energy Levels for Wintering Beef Cows

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Title: Energy Levels for Wintering Beef Cows
Author: Anderson, V. L.
Description: As of 1981, the energy requirements for beef cows in areas of severe winters are not well defined for producers. The National Requirements for Beef Cattle in 1976 recommended nutritional requirements for cattle based upon age, stage of production, genetic type and desired gain. cattle producers were told to make adjustments to these recommendations based upon their local environmental conditions. Some research indicated that considerable amounts of energy need to be incorporated into cattle feeds during winter months. Some research was conducted to determine if cattle could survive winter times with less than the recommended levels of energy nutrition. To further define energy requirements for wintering beef cows in North Dakota, a three year trial was conducted at the Carrington Irrigation Branch Station. The materials and methods of this study are given in this article. Supplemental energy did not improve the performance of beef cows in winter months. They did gsain more weight, Due to the extra energy intake, their calves to seem to have increased birth weights along with increased calving difficulty. Mature cows appeared to need less energy intake to winter well. the condition of the cow's body appeared to be important in how well they weathered winter, also.
Date: 1981
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/4427

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