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Production and Use of Grain Alcohol as a Motor Fuel - An Evaluation

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Title: Production and Use of Grain Alcohol as a Motor Fuel - An Evaluation
Author: Harrold, R. L.; Taylor, F. R.; Buchanan, M. L.; Banasik, O. J.; Klosterman, H. J.
Description: The use of alcohol as a motor fuel is proposed for two reasons: the process would consume some of the surplus cereal grains; and for the conservation of fossil fuels. The process would achieve the first objective use of surplus grain, although it is unlikely that a sufficient quantity of alcohol could be produced from grain to meet the requirements for blending on a national scale. A bushel of cereal grains can be converted to about 2.6 gallons of alcohol and this alcohol can be used in gasoline fueled engines when blended with gasoline. without alteration of the engine. The cost of the grain used for the conversion is the main determinant of the alcohol cost. The conversion of grain to alcohol and use of grain alcohol as a fuel will not conserve our fossil fuel energy resources. The overall processes associated with grain production, transportation and conversion of the grain to alcohol require far more energy than can be recovered from burning the alcohol.
Date: 1977
Subject: Fuels
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/4435

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