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The Growing Red River Valley Edible Bean Industry

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Title: The Growing Red River Valley Edible Bean Industry
Author: Erlandson, Gordon; Dufner, Hugh
Description: The large-scale production and processing of dry edible beans in the Red River Valley began in 1960 and now accounts for nearly 12 percent of the nation's total acreage of beans. There are about 2000 growers in Minnesota and North Dakota producing pinto and navy beans. Beans are processed in 25 local plants and shipped in bulk form to canners and wholesale distributors in the United States and elsewhere. Red River Valley growers compete favorably with growers in other regions in the production of beans. The sale of beans in North Dakota amounts to over $17 million and accounts for one percent of the state's annual agricultural income. Edible beans are the cheapest source of protein available to American consumers.
Date: 1977
Subject: Dry beans
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/4436

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