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Cow-Calf Beef Production with Irrigated Forages

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Title: Cow-Calf Beef Production with Irrigated Forages
Author: Dunn, Barry H.; Olson, Howard M.
Description: The Conservancy District were in cooperation with the Experiment Station for the purposes of the development of the facilities and research program. Their prime directive was to measure beef production per irrigated acre with a beef cow-calf enterprise, using methods and techniques which could be identified with farm and ranch operations. The data reported herein are the results of the first five years of the cow-calf production research at the Carrington Irrigation Branch Station in North Dakota. tables 5 -8 breakdown down results for the reader: forage yield, lbs, of oven dry per acre, utilization of forage, per cent, forage utilized, lbs, of even dry forage per acre, conception rates in pasture and drylot, cow weight change, calf average daily gain and calf adjusted weaning weight, lbs, Zeranol implant versus no implant, red Angus x Hereford calves versus straight-bred Hereford calves and, finally, gain per irrigated acre, lbs.
Date: 1978
Subject: Livestock production
Forage crops
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/4445

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