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Nitrogen in Our Lakes and Rivers

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Title: Nitrogen in Our Lakes and Rivers
Author: Peterka, John J.
Description: In 1979, the percentage of nitrogen present in surface and ground waters was often reflects humanity's activities. A 1977 nationwide analysis of 928 non-point source watersheds watersheds showed a correlation between general land usage and it's nutrient concentrations of both total nitrogen and phosphorus. It was 9 times greater in streams draining from agricultural lands than forests. Substances may enter waterways and watersheds from various sources such sewage, industrial discharges, runoff and other diffuse sources which are difficult to both identify and to control. The purpose of this article was not to identify non-point sources of nitrogen, but to determine what happens within surface waters that receive these non-naturally occurring sources of nutrients. the role of nitrogen and phosphorus in surface waters, the reasoning on why North Dakota lakes are fertile and the role of wetlands are discussed.
Date: 1979
Subject: Water quality
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/4529

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