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Money Management of Sheep Reared in Drylot - Confinement

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Title: Money Management of Sheep Reared in Drylot - Confinement
Author: Haugen, Roger G.
Description: In 1980, in North Dakota, the sheep industry was experiencing renewed interest in sheep farming. Dry lot or confinement rearing was the impetus driving a renewed look at sheep farming as a viable livestock enterprise. In order to maximize profits and to reduce cost of production all phases of sheep production need to be scrutinized to insure reasonable profits. Selection of sheep livestock based upon age, non-feed costs and feed costs are reviewed. In order for this to be a profitable venture, highly attentive and detailed management of sheep is necessary.
Date: 1980
Subject: Economics
Livestock production
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/4538

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