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The Establishment of Ovine Progressive Pneumonia (Lungers) Free Sheep From Infected Herds

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Title: The Establishment of Ovine Progressive Pneumonia (Lungers) Free Sheep From Infected Herds
Author: Slanger, W. D.; Tilton, J. E.; Molitor, T. W.; Schipper, I. A.; Light, Merle R.
Description: Progressive pneumonia is a chronic disease of adult sheep which may cause serious financial losses in infected flocks of sheep. Symptoms include slow progressive weight loss, physical weakness, a lack of fever, increasing severe respiratory distress with a chronic cough and labored breathing leading to death ultimately. It's first reference was in 1923 in Montana. the North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station imported 26 Border Leicester ewes from Canada in 1970-71. Also, they purchased a few Columbia ewes from Colorado in 1971. Due to the high incidence of Ovine Progressive Pneumonia in these sheep and that semi-confined enterprises mightexperience likewise, an experiment was initiated in 1974 to attempt the establishment of sheep flocks which were free of this disease. The authors give us the procedures used this this experiment. The immediate isolation and rearing of newborn lambs away from infected parental stock may be a means of reserving valuable bloodlines in pure breeds.
Date: 1980
Subject: Sheep
Animal diseases
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/4539

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