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Twenty Years of Alfalfa Variety Testing in North Dakota

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Title: Twenty Years of Alfalfa Variety Testing in North Dakota
Author: Dodds, D. L.; Meyer, D. W.
Description: The relative forage yield of several alfalfa varieties and blends tested in short-term stands at Fargo and at several branch stations of the North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station for a 20-year period (1959-1978) are summarized herein. These data indicate that several alfalfa varieties have yielded equal to or slightly greater than 'Vernal', a well-adapted check variety. Winterhardy varieties averaged higher relative forage yields than moderately or very winterhardy varieties, but each alfalfa variety class had varieties equal to or slightly higher yielding than Vernal.
Date: 1980
Subject: Varieties
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/4542

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