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Protein Survey of the 1979 Six-Rowed Barley Crop

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Title: Protein Survey of the 1979 Six-Rowed Barley Crop
Author: Barr, C. A.; Cummings, E. L.; Pyler, R. E.
Description: From 1977-79, the Department of Cereal Chemistry at North Dakota State University, undertook a survey of six rowed malting barley crops grown in North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota. The third annual survey was conducted on the crop grown in 1979. This paper summarizes the data obtained from over 700 samples which were collected the the tri-state area from August 7 to September 12, 1979. the Kjeldahl method was utilized to ascertain protein assays. This article is laden with tables breaking down the numbers of this study on these axis: protein, moisture and color. The six rowed malting barley crop grown in 1979 in the tri-state area had an average protein content of 12.9%. A visual is provided of the state of North Dakota broken down into it's counties on their average barley protein contents.
Date: 1980
Subject: Barley
Crop quality
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/4543

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