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Title: Butte
Author: Sibbitt, L.D.; Busch, R.H.; Miller, J.D.; Frohberg, R.C.
Description: Butte, a new medium height hard red spring wheat variety, has been released by the North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station. It is higher yielding than the HRS wheat varieties Waldron and Olaf, but yields less than Era in North Dakota tests. When compared to Waldron and Olaf, Butte is heavier in test weight, earlier in maturity, intermediate in height but not as lodging resistant. Butte is equal to Olaf for incidence of leaf spotting diseases but superior to Waldron and Olaf for overall leaf and stem rust resistance. In addition to a higher test weight, Butte also is higher in flour yield (extraction) than any of the varieties in this comparison except Era. The flour ash (mineral) content of Butte is similar to Olaf but better (lower) than any of the other varieties. The flour-water absorption is the highest of any of the varieties discussed. The wheat protein content of Butte is about 1.0 percentage point lower than Chris or Waldron, about 0.5 percentage points lower than Olaf or Kitt, but almost 1.0 percentage point higher than Era. The drop in protein content from wheat to flour is acceptable for all varieties in this comparison. The loaf volume of Butte is smaller than Chris, Waldron or Kitt but is about the same as Era and Olaf. Butte is faulted to a minor degree for lower crumb grain and texture and crumb color scores. The mixing properties of Butte are medium being similar to all of the varieties except Olaf. The other quality factors are acceptable.
Date: 1977
Subject: Wheat
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/4563

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