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The Economics of On-farm Processing of Sunflower Oil

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Title: The Economics of On-farm Processing of Sunflower Oil
Author: Helgeson, Delmer L.; Schaffner, Leroy W.
Description: If sunflower oil could be used in diesel fuel for vehicles, farmers were showing interest in using it for farm machinery. They would be interested in using their own supplies produced on their farms while others were interested in a commercially produced supply of sunflower oil. The objective e of this article was to present information on the costs of processing sun flower on farm site using three potential sizes of small screw type presses. Table 1 gives the figures of the estimated diesel fuel requirements for an average sized North Dakota farm in 1978. Table 2 gives the numbers on the investment in equipment and building for three sizes of on farm processing presses for the extraction in North Dakota in 1981. Table 3 gives the estimated costs for the processing of 4,800 gallons of sunflower oil on site at farms. The estimated costs for processing 300 nine hour days by three sizes of presses ar given in table 4. The number of animal units required to consume the sunflower meal produced from on site presses using various feeding rates are outlined in table 5.
Date: 1982
Subject: Biofuels
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/4673

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