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Northern Crops Institute: Breaking New Ground

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Title: Northern Crops Institute: Breaking New Ground
Author: Brissman, Barry
Description: The author discusses the focus of the then, newly, organized Northern Crops Institute, which would be teaching the international food industry leaders how to purchase, to process and to use crops from North Dakota and it's adjacent neighboring areas in Montana, South Dakota and Minnesota. This organization was located on the campus of the North Dakota State University. the purpose of the program was to attract new buyers of northern US crops to deveolping regions of the world (those especially in Africa, Asia and South America) and to provide better service to established buyers service to established buyers at home and overseas. The author speaks of the process of attracting buyers by informing them of agricultural products of the northern plains region of the US. the Northern Crops Institute will aim to solve problems of then present and potential customers which, unsolved, might cause them to opt for crops from other regions of the world. A disadvantage of buying 'American' means that one must deal with multiple government offices versus a single office such as in Canada or Argentina. So the potential foreign purchaser needs to be educated on how to navigate through the US governmental system. The institute planned to carry out short coursework to educate concerning buyers, processors and consumer needs.
Date: 1982
Subject: Marketing
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/4701

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