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Food Uses of North Dakota Dry Edible Beans

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Title: Food Uses of North Dakota Dry Edible Beans
Author: Nymon, Mavis C.; Salami, Lilian; Subramanian, Kantha
Description: The article begins with an omnibus about edible beans grown in North Dakota. In 1981, North Dakota ranked fourth in pinto bean production. During June of 1981, a pilot study was undertaken to determine possible food uses of North Dakota dry edible beans, especially navy and pinto beans. The plan was to prepare and to test various forms of these beans in different food preparations, including whole and mashed beans such as bean grits, bean flours, bean nuts and bean sprouts, for which methods of preparation were developed, and incorporate beans into traditional foods of India and Nigeria, both of which use considerable amounts of legumes in their diets. Recipes were prepared and evaluated. Both navy and pinto beans proved to be very versatile in food uses.
Date: 1982
Subject: Dry beans
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/4710

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