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NDSU Researchers "Rewrite the Book" on feed grains

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Title: NDSU Researchers "Rewrite the Book" on feed grains
Author: Moran, Gary
Description: The author cites how the common literature on livestock nutrition in 1982 was composed almost solely of corn and soybean meal. He cites how North Dakota was not a major producer of corn. Also, how North Dakota producers have more feed grain alternatives that other states. The problem that lay in standard livestock nutrition literature was that it did not answer every question concerning of these alternative livestock food stuffs. The author discusses various research on Sunflowers, barley and oats as livestock feed. In conclusion, it was cited how North Dakota State University livestock researchers would continue to to 're-write' some of the nutrition textbooks, in language most appropriate to both growers and feeders of feed grains produced in North Dakota.
Date: 1982
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/4713

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