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Distribution and Economic Impacts of Leafy Spurge in North Dakota

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Title: Distribution and Economic Impacts of Leafy Spurge in North Dakota
Author: Messersmith, Calvin G.; Lym, Rodney G.
Description: The history, the distribution and the economics impacts of the weed, leafy spurge, in North Dakota, are reviewed for the reader. Leafy spurge was introduced as early as 1827 in Massachusetts. However, it did not develop into a problem under later in the Great Plains states. By 1950, this weed was found in every province of Canada, except for Newfoundland. Leafy spurge is found in all 53 counties of North Dakota. In those areas infested, the economic impacts of leafy spurge are first felt in hay and livestock productions. Next is the added costs of leafy spurge control, including chemicals and their application. The third effect is added expenditures on non-agricultural items such as roads, railroads, public utilities and government lands. The costs related to leafy spurge to the state of North Dakota averaging 1978-82 was approximately $13 million per year. The necessity of the continuance of management strategies of this weed are highlighted as being the appropriate measure to reduce future losses.
Date: 1983
Subject: Euphorbia esula
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/4719

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