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Ag Educators Study Employment and Training Needs

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Title: Ag Educators Study Employment and Training Needs
Author: Moran, Gary
Description: The author brings together two topics together North Dakota agri-business and public education. Employing firms and educational institutional nned information addressing employment needs of agri-business and the training needs of people who can fill fill jobs. At this time in 1982, the chairman of the Department of Agriculture Education stated how research was being conducted to provide information on agricultural manpower needs for the state of North Dakota. The project has several objectives, including development of methodology for obtaining and interpreting manpower needs information, for determing the extend of agricultural employment, identifying emerging trends and changes in employment needs and examining training needs for the projected agricultural employment in the state. A description of this project is the remainder of this one page article.
Date: 1982
Subject: Education
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/4727

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