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Effects of Energy Development in Rural Areas: A Case Study

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Title: Effects of Energy Development in Rural Areas: A Case Study
Author: Maki, Karen C.; Leistritz, Larry F.
Description: The authors cite how the energy sector was changing the soicio-ecnomic climate throughout the western US. They cite how small, rural areas in western North Dakota were ill prepared for all of the changes that appear over night. The results of a case study of a msall, rural area affected by construction of a large mine-mouth electric power plant, the Coal Creek Station) are reported in this article to demonstrate how one area dealt with such changes. An analysis is presented in an attempt to meet the need for retrospective analysis of the aforementioned implications due to this energy advent. The time frame reviewed is from 1975-81. Covered are the actual impacts of a major resource development project, an evaluation of the reliability of anticipatory impact assessments and an initial evaluation of the impetus for and the effectiveness thereof of planning along with impact management actions taken. Actual versus real effects are taken into account. the authors impression from their study suggest that the town in discussion had very little of the evidence of the 'boom town' phenomena that typically is resultant via large scale energy development projects. Overall, the town's people seemed to deem the energy project as being a positive step in their town's future.
Date: 1983
Subject: Energy resources
Rural communities
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/4734

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