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Tree Improvement Research in North Dakota

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Title: Tree Improvement Research in North Dakota
Author: Van Deuaen, James L.
Description: Organized forestry activities began in 1908 in North Dakota when the Dakota National Forest was established, with headquarters at Amidon. Forestry research Was launched in 1931 when the Denbigh Experimental Forest was established. Since 1956, forestry research in North Dakota has been centered at U.S. Forest Service laboratory and office facilities on the North Dakota State University -Bottineau Branch Campus. Tree improvement research programs, to develop adapted species for northern Great Plains shelterbelts, have been emphasized since 1956. Past tree improvement research activities are described, along with current research program. in Scotch pine, ponderosa pine and green ash.
Date: 1977
Subject: Plant breeding
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/4770

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