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Methods of Protein Analysis and Variation in Protein Results.

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Title: Methods of Protein Analysis and Variation in Protein Results.
Author: McDonald, C. E.
Description: Premiums on high-protein hard red spring wheat has created much interest in the protein test. The Kjeldahl method, a chemical procedure for nitrogen, is still the basic method used for protein analysis. The Kjeldahl method, the Udy dye binding method and the new infrared reflectance method for determining protein are described in this paper. In the analysis of wheat protein by the Kjeldahl method, the moximum amount of variance in results expected between different laboratories and within the same laboratory is larger than the increments of protein on which price premiums have been paid. The causes of protein variance and ways of reducing the variance are discussed.
Date: 1977
Subject: Wheat
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/4777

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