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Parent-Child Interactions

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Title: Parent-Child Interactions
Author: Mullis, Ann K.; Mullis, Ronald L.
Description: In North Dakota County Extension meetings, the topic of parent-child relationships kept coming up. The improvement of parent-child communication was the most requested information. A study was conducted to determine the rewards and satisfactions, problems and stresses of parenting of families in the state, to access the relationship between styles of parenting and levels of thinking and social and emotional development of children, to determine developmental patterns of parent-child interactions and to examine the stages of family and child development as both parents and children age. Children effected their behavior as influenced by their age and gender. Parents adjusted their communication with a child(ren) based upon the child(rens) age(s) and gender(s). The mother and father both play an important role in their interactions with the family. In order to effectively raise their offspring, parents must be able to best communicate with offspring.
Date: 1982
Subject: Families
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/4794

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