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Changes in North Dakota Hard Red Spring Wheat Varieties, 1900-1977

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Title: Changes in North Dakota Hard Red Spring Wheat Varieties, 1900-1977
Author: Smith, Glenn S.
Description: This paper is a summary of the changing pattern of important varieties of hard red spring wheat which are grown in the state of North Dakota, based upon USDA surveys. Knowledge of release dates of each variety permits estimates of how long each variety was grown. Smoothing the curves of popularity for each variety permits an estimate of the average grown annually between the five year surveys. Applying annual average percentage estimates of USDA Crop reporting Service values for annual wheat production gives an annual estimated production of each variety by years. Table 1 gives as estimated percentage of North Dakota harvested wheat acreage devoted to important hard red wheat varieties and durum 1914-77. table 2 gives estimated wheat acreage, yield per acre, yield per acre, production and value per capita in North Dakota, 1900-76, Figure 1 displays the leading wheat varieties in North Dakota from 1914-76. Figure 4 presents the cumulative production HRS wheat varieties of North Dakota, 1900-77.
Date: 1978
Subject: Wheat
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/4868

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