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Detection of Saline Seeps in North Dakota by Remote Sensing

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Title: Detection of Saline Seeps in North Dakota by Remote Sensing
Author: Brun, L. J.; Dalsted, K. J.; Worcester, B. K.
Description: The article focuses upon saline seepage into water sources. Much of this research was aimed at agricultural sources. This seepage often has accompanying and resultant vegetation. Hand held seismographs were used to characterize seepage as incipient, intermediate or as mature. The accumulation of salts and water may develop in combination as seep grows or in a single stage. At this time, more information concerning the identification and locating seeps in landscapes, including those large tracts of land. The use of vegetative indicators and wetness of soil were helpful in locating seeps. Seismic methods was useful in delineating and characterizing seeps properties. However, this method was expensive. A method was needed to only only locate existing seeps but those about to appear. A project to evaluate remote sensing as a tool to fulfill these needs was conducted in Stark County, North Dakota. The entire process is outlined. Low altitude aerial color infrared photography and thermography was cited as being a viable for both the detection and monitoring of mature or intermediate saline seeps.
Date: 1979
Subject: Remote sensing
Saline water
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/5220

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