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Grain Dryer Use By North Dakota Farmers

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Title: Grain Dryer Use By North Dakota Farmers
Author: Grinaker, Gary G.; Anderson, Donald E.
Description: The authors address the topic of grain dryer use in North Dakota by farmers. By this time, in 1981, this practice had increased in importance as a production cost in North Dakota due to the expansion of sunflower production and rapidly rising fuel costs. During the winter of 1979, farmers were surveyed by the Department of Agricultural economics to determine the extent and use of on farm grain drying facilities in North Dakota. Study objectives were to estimate the amount of the 1978 grain harvest that was dried and the capacity of the available on farm grain drying facilities. Findings indicated that many North Dakota farmer were installing and using grain drying facilities. These on farm drying facilities handled almost all of the load.
Date: 1981
Subject: Crop production
Agricultural machinery and equipment
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/5401

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