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Nutrient and Toxic Factors in Sweet Clover

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Title: Nutrient and Toxic Factors in Sweet Clover
Author: Johnson, L. J.; Casper, H. H.; Benson, M. E.
Description: Research was conducted to evaluate the nutritive value of sweet clover forage and assess the incidence and range of dicoumarol levels. Average nutrition composition (100% DM) was: crude protein-15.45%, acid detergent fiber-40.46%, acid detergent Iignin-7 .08%, ash-8.39"'o, calcium-l.10%, phosphorus-O. 18%, magnesium-O.40%, potassium-2.04%. Dicoumarol levels ranged from zero to 164.7 ppm, with 64.6% of the 277 samples analyzed containing less than the presently recognized toxic level of 10 ppm. Round bales were significantly (P = 0.05) higher in dicoumarol concentration, with a mean of 22.9 ppm, than stacks or silage, with mean Ievels of 1.8 ppm and 0.6 ppm respectively.
Date: 1981
Subject: Sweetclover
Animal nutrition
Forage crops
Poisonous plants
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/5407

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