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Title: Department of Cereal Science and Food Technology
Author: D'Appolonia, Bert L.
Description: The Department of Cereal Science and Food Technology is one of the oldest within the College of Agriculture or the Agricultural Experiment Station. The author begins by retracing those things that lead up to the then current state of the department in 1987. Current research objectives were listed. The introduction of the food science degree should produce a strong research program and those areas related in research would be given more attention. The availability and development of new instrumentation would allow research to be conducted into areas that were not possible until recently. It was visualized that a greater emphasis would be given to the department of utilization. Suggestions for post-harvest technology are given in the article. The continued and furthered need for funding to achieve these desired objectives is cited.
Date: 1987
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/6121

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