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Plasmid Diversity Within North Dakota Bean Rhizobia

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Title: Plasmid Diversity Within North Dakota Bean Rhizobia
Author: Wei, Grace R.; Schwandt, Renee C.; Grafton, K.F.; Berryhill, D.L.; Johnson, Mary L.
Description: The article discusses the plasmid diversity within North Dakota bean Rhizobia, which are soil bacteria capable of 'nodulating' leguminous' plants. Biotechnology offers a potential means of optimizing natural processes by which plants are able to receive their required nitrogen. If Rhozobia could be improved, it was believed that this could save U.S farmers potentially billions of dollars in production costs. Plasmids are genes that govern the nodulation nitrogen fixation that are often located on extrachromosal DNA modules. Rhozobia in beans in North Dakota appear to be quite diverse in their plasmid content. The article gives more in depth information on this topic.
Date: 1988
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/6267

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