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Sheyenne Photographs: Sandhills 1975

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Title: Sheyenne Photographs: Sandhills 1975
Author: Sheyenne Photographs: Sandhills 1975
Description: The Sheyenne Photographs: Sandhills 1975 collection consists of fifty-six gelatin silver prints taken by students of a Wayne Gudmundson class at Minnesota State University Moorhead. An introductory broadside describes the array of photographs as being "taken along the Sheyenne River Valley south of Kindred, N.D., where the Army Corp of Engineers has proposed the building of a dam. If constructed, it would flood the valley and destroy a very beautiful part of our community, ruin North Dakota's largest forest, as well as force 50 families out of their homes."
Date: -
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/6430

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