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[2001.13.166] Newly-erected church steeple in Friedenstal, Bessarabia

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Title: [2001.13.166] Newly-erected church steeple in Friedenstal, Bessarabia
Author: Westine, David; Westine, Katherine; Westine, Phillip
Abstract: Photographic image. Black and white. Image of a newly-erected church steeple in Friedenstal, Bessarabia in scaffold construction. Several people are in front of the church and on the scaffolding. Church house is surrounded by traditional acacia (honeylocust) trees, with masonry wall to protect church yard. [This was a photograph collected by Adolf Graf and Minnie Buck during their 1911 travels]. Dated 1911. Photographer is Gottlieb Lang of Friedenstal, Bessarabia. Courtesy of Ludwig and Christina Graf-Buck Collection, 2001.13, GRHC.
Date: 1911
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/7652

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