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Field Trials. of Sunflower Resistant to Bird Depredation

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Title: Field Trials. of Sunflower Resistant to Bird Depredation
Author: Linz, G .M.; Hanzel, J.J.; Fox, G.J.; Stehn, R.A.; Woronecki, P. P.; Dolbeer, R.A.
Description: This report describes the results of a series of investigations in Ohio and North Dakota to examine bird damage to two experimental varieties of sunflower, one with possible morphological characteristics of resistant (BRS-1) and one with· possible chemical characteristics (Neagra de ClUj) . BRS-1 is a white-hulled, open-pollinated variety with general morphological characteristics as described above (Neagra de Cluj (NdC) is a purple-hulled, open-pollinated variety with elevated levels of anthocyan ins in the hulls (Mason et aI., 1985). Initial work with these varieties was described by Fox and Linz (1983a, b) and Fox et al. (1984).
Date: 1986
Subject: Sunflower
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/8096

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