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In Search of Leafy Spurge Control Herbicides

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Title: In Search of Leafy Spurge Control Herbicides
Author: Christianson, Katheryn M.; Lym, Rodney G.
Description: In the early 1990's finding new herbicides for Leafy Spurge was difficult for several reasons. The cost to register new herbicides was $30 to 50 million before any income came in. So other herbicides used for other problems typically worked on Leafy Spurge. Field testing of herbicides has been limited as little funding has been set aside and as most universities do not have test fields set aside. Research on Leafy Spurge has been conducted on this from funds marked for other plant pest problems. The rather lengthy diagnostic process of testing and locating effective herbicides in the reduction of Leafy Spurge are discussed. Some expected to reduce damage didn't. Others thought to be possibly proved effective treating such. Of over 100 compounds at this time that were treated, only 3 proved to be effective with only one or two that might be actually marketed to treat Leafy Spurge.
Date: 1992-93
Subject: Euphorbia esula
Chemical control
Permalink: http://hdl.handle.net/10365/8299

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